Drupal 8 Admin Theme: Eleven

the Drupal 8 admin theme
that makes Drupal look not Drupal

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Eleven Features


An admin theme dont have to be dull + the rest of the world use icons

Modern UI

All the table listings have been removed for a modern card approach


Theres more than one tone of Drupal blue in the world


Drupal should be as pretty on the outside as the inside

Build on core

Build on Drupal8 core classy theme - No need to install 3rd part modules


Build as a basetheme

Free and open Source

Do with Eleven as you want - turn it up to 12 ... ,)


Eleven theme is supported by Theme machine (formerly geek royale)


Developing eleven theme for modern browsers - Looking forward not back

No drop buttons

Less clicking more awesome

twig, css & js

11t is developer as close to drupal core as possible - so no need for preprocessors or anything else



All boring table overviews are now cards with an individual identity

Edit content

Slick modifications for easier editing the content

content types

Contenttype interface have been redesigned

content filter

Free up some space on the content admin screen


Modules page completely redesigned.


Theme page completely redesigned


all tables are now cards instead with individual identity

Eleven Beta 1

mortendk Present the admin theme Eleven Beta 1

The admin interface

mortendk's presentation at DrupalCon baltimore 2017
explaining and presenting the concepts behind Eleven theme